Strategien "den røde slangen"

The Red Snake Strategy

The “Red Snake” strategy is a betting technique that gained popularity in roulette and has since been adapted for use in crash games. In roulette, the strategy focuses on placing bets on red numbers, making a “snake” by selecting neighboring red cells. The same principle can be adapted for crash games like Aviator or Pilot, where it involves adjusting bet sizes while keeping the multiplier constant. Here’s a detailed guide to mastering the “Red Snake” strategy.

De grunnleggende prinsippene


  • Sats på røde tall: Strategien er å satse på røde tall på rulettbordet.
  • Link Cells: Kjernen i strategien er å "koble sammen" nærliggende røde celler, slik at det dannes et "slangemønster" på bordet.
  • 12-tallsregelen: Uansett hvor du starter (enten 1 eller 3) og slutter (enten 34 eller 36), skal slangen inneholde 12 tall 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34.

I Crash Spill

  1. Define Your Betting Sequence: Before starting, decide on a sequence of bets that you will follow. A recommended sequence based on the strategy is: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34. This sequence dictates how you increase your bets after each loss.
  2. Start With the First Bet in the Sequence: Place your initial bet with the first amount in your sequence, which is $1.
  3. Aim for a 2x Multiplier Win: With each bet, your goal is to win at a 2x multiplier. This means you aim to double the amount you bet. Bu you can change it as you like, i.e. 1.1x, 5x, etc.
  4. Follow the Sequence After Each Loss: If a bet loses, move to the next amount in your predefined sequence for your next bet. For example, if your first bet of $1 loses, your next bet should be $5.
  5. Reset After Achieving a Positive Cumulative Profit: The key to the “Red Snake” strategy is to reset your betting sequence once you achieve a positive cumulative profit. This means going back to the first bet in your sequence, $1 in our example, after a win that brings your overall profit into the positive range.
  6. Repeat the Process: Continue with this strategy, systematically increasing your bets after losses or having negative profit according to the sequence and resetting after wins that yield a positive cumulative profit.

Hypotetisk eksempel

Bet NumberBet Amount ($)ResultatCumulative Spent ($)Winnings ($)Cumulative Winnings ($)Cumulative Profit ($)

This sequence shows the power of discipline. It combines strategic betting and timely resets. These methods help you get through losing periods. Ultimately, you can achieve a significant cumulative profit.


The “Red Snake” strategy is a great tool for controlling your bets in crash games. It’s an exciting way to add structure to your gameplay. You have the flexibility to tweak the multiplier to match how you like to play, making the game more tailored to your style.

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