10x Multiplier Strategy and BC Game Crash Script

10x crash strategy in action

Explore the 10x Multiplier Strategy for crash games, an increasingly favored approach. This technique isn’t merely about automating your bets—it’s about optimizing them. It centers on patiently awaiting the ideal opportunity and timing your actions flawlessly.

Understanding the Strategy

This strategy might seem similar to the old Martingale system, where you double your bets after each loss, aiming to recover all losses with a win. But, the 10x Multiplier Strategy changes things up. Instead of doubling up right away, you wait after losing 9 times, then 6, and then every 5 times. This approach aims to give you a better shot at hitting that 10x multiplier while saving your money.

A Practical Scenario

Imagine you initiate with a 100-unit bet. If you don’t hit that 10x until the 26th game, your journey might look something like this:

Game #Current BetResultTotal Profit

Note: This is a hypothetical illustration based on the strategy’s algorithm. Real game outcomes may differ.

Delving into the BC Game Crash Script

Chasing that 10x multiplier on BC.Game in betting is made easier with this script. Set your game wait count and base bet, and let the script do its magic.

BC.Game Script

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Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts

Algorithm Breakdown

  1. Initial Wait Period: You can specify a number of games to wait before the betting sequence begins. This could be based on personal preference or a strategy where you believe there’s a better chance of hitting the 10x multiplier after a certain number of games.
  2. Initial Betting: After the wait period, the script places bets using your defined base bet amount. The script continues to bet this amount for the next nine games.
  3. Doubling After 9 Lost Games: If you haven’t hit the 10x multiplier in the first nine games, the script will then double the bet amount for the subsequent games.
  4. Doubling After 6 More Lost Games: If there are six more consecutive losses (making it 15 total losses since the start of betting), the script doubles the bet again.
  5. Continued Doubling: Beyond the initial 15 games, the script will double the bet every 5 games until it hits the 10x multiplier. The logic here is that as you lose more games, you are increasingly trying to recoup your losses and hit a big win.
  6. Achieving the 10x Multiplier: Once a game results in a 10x payout, the script will start from the beginning.


To sum up, this script is a powerful tool for betters aiming to systematically pursue a thrilling 10x payout. The 10x Multiplier Strategy it employs is a testament to flexibility and strategic gaming, enabling you to navigate the dynamic landscape of betting with a methodical approach.

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  1. hello , this script so good , but i checked , it not will count over 20+ . like i saw , always ” game since no 10x : 20 ” , cant count 21 22 …

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