Bouncy 3x Strategy for Crash and BC Game Script

Bouncy 3x Strategy for Crash

This progressive betting strategy actively increases the bet amount after each loss by summing the previous two bets. It continues this pattern until achieving a win at 3x, after which it resets the betting sequence. The strategy includes a waiting period based on consecutive games without reaching a 3x multiplier. It also features a safety mechanism in the form of a maximum bet limit.

How It Works

In this betting approach, we focus on achieving a win with a triple multiplier as the main goal. We keep an eye on what we call the ‘red sequence’, a string of rounds where the multiplier stays below 3x. We wait for a set number of these rounds before we start our betting. Once this red sequence ends, our betting strategy kicks in, beginning with an initial stake. If we lose, we adjust by summing up the last two bets to figure out the next amount to wager, continuing this pattern with each loss. Additionally, there’s a cap on how much we can bet. If our calculated bet goes over this limit, we reset back to the initial stake, ensuring we stay within our betting boundaries.

Betting Approach

  • Start Betting After Red Streak: The strategy involves waiting for a predetermined number of games (a red streak) where the multiplier doesn’t reach 3x before starting to bet.
  • Progressive Betting: The strategy increases the bet amount after each loss by summing the previous two bet amounts. The process continues until the strategy achieves a win or reaches the maximum bet limit.
  • Reset After Win/Max Limit: Upon winning or reaching the maximum bet limit, the strategy resets the bet amount to the base value.

Hypothetical Example

Below is a hypothetical example of bets and wins based on the described strategy in a table format. In this example, we start with a base bet of 1 unit and follow the script’s logic, assuming we begin betting after a red streak (games under 3x multiplier) of 5 games.

Game #Red Streak CountBet Amount (Units)Outcome (Multiplier)Win/LossNext Bet CalculationCumulative Wins/Losses (Units)
60 (Start Betting)14.0xWinReset to base bet+2 (3x win – 1x bet)
7015.2xWinReset to base bet+4 (3x win – 1x bet)
8011.2xLoss1+1 (previous bets)+3
9120.0x (Loss)Loss2+1 (previous bets)+1
10233.5xWinReset to base bet+7 (3x win – 3x bet)
11010.0x (Loss)Loss1 (previous bet)+6
12110.0x (Loss)Loss1+1 (previous bets)+5
13220.0x (Loss)Loss2+1 (previous bets)+3
14334.8xWinReset to base bet+9 (3x win – 3x bet)


  • “Red Streak Count” indicates consecutive games under a 3x multiplier. The script waits for this to reach 5 before starting to bet.
  • “Bet Amount” represents the amount wagered in each game.
  • “Outcome” indicates the multiplier achieved in the game, with a loss marked as “0.0x”.
  • “Win/Loss” indicates whether the game was a win or a loss.
  • “Next Bet Calculation” determines the next bet amount based on the previous outcomes.
  • “Cumulative Wins/Losses” is the net result of wins and losses in units.

BC Game Script

Achieving a 3x multiplier at BC.Game in betting just got more straightforward with this script. Set your game wait time, initial bet, and max bet, then let the script work its magic for a chance to triple your winnings. Simple and effective!

๐Ÿ”— Download Script

Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts

Algorithm Behind the Script:

  1. Initialization:
    • Initialize variables with values from the config object: the base bet amount, the number of red streak games to wait, and the maximum bet limit.
  2. Handling Game Start:
    • On each new game (GAME_STARTING), check if the current red streak has reached the threshold (redStreakToWait) or if betting has already begun (bettedGames !== 0).
    • If either condition is met, place a bet with the current bet amount and set the target multiplier to 3. Reset the red streak count, add the bet to the currentStreakBets array, and indicate that a bet is being placed (isBettingNow = true).
    • If the conditions aren’t met, continue to wait and log the current streak length.
  3. Handling Game End:
    • After each game (GAME_ENDED), check if a bet was placed (isBettingNow).
    • If the bet was lost (multiplier is below 3), calculate the next bet amount as the sum of the last two bets in the currentStreakBets array. If this sum exceeds the maxBet value, reset the bet amount to the base bet and clear the currentStreakBets array.
    • If the bet was won (multiplier is 3 or above), reset the bet amount to the base bet, clear the currentStreakBets array, and increase the count of successful 3x cashouts (numberOf3xCashedOut). Reset the bettedGames counter.
    • Update the red streak count based on whether the game’s multiplier was below 3.
  4. Logging:
    • Log information about each game, including the current profit, betting status, and game outcome.


  1. Managed Risk in Early Stages: Waiting for a red streak before betting can prevent early losses and manage risk.
  2. Potential for Recovery: The progressive nature of the betting system can potentially recover losses from previous games in a winning round.
  3. Simple and Systematic: The strategy is straightforward and easy to follow, with clear rules on when to increase or reset the bet.
  4. Cap on Maximum Bet: The maximum bet limit prevents runaway losses and encourages responsible gambling.


In conclusion, this betting strategy is a structured and fun way to play crash games. It makes each game more exciting because you have a plan for how to bet. It’s like going on an adventure where you enjoy figuring out when to bet more or less. This strategy is best for players who like to think about their moves and know the risks.

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