Pipa Crash by Caleta Gaming: A Comprehensive Review

Launched on February 5, 2024, Pipa Crash emerges as Caleta Gaming’s innovative foray into the crash betting game genre. With its unique theme, the game focuses on a kite’s unpredictable flight. It promises an exhilarating experience. This is different from the usual casino offerings. Offering a maximum win of €10,000, Pipa Crash appeals to many. Bets range from €0.10 to €100. It caters to a wide array of players. This includes the cautious and the bold. Its Return to Player (RTP) is a generous 97%. Additionally, it has a volatility rating of low-to-medium. This indicates frequent payouts. Such payouts keep players engaged.

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Return to Player (RTP)97%
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Play for freeYES
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Gameplay and User Experience

Pipa Crash’s gameplay is straightforward yet thrilling. You place one or two bets before a round starts. You watch as a multiplier counter climbs. This climb is with the flight of a kite. The goal is to cash out before the kite crashes. Winning amounts are multiplied by the kite’s flying coefficient. The game’s simplicity is a strong point. It allows you to quickly grasp the mechanics. You can then dive into the action.

The user interface is intuitive. It has clear options for placing bets. Options for initiating cash outs are provided. Setting up autoplay and auto cash out features is easy. These functionalities enhance the game’s accessibility, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers to the crash game scene.

Graphics, Animations, and Sound Effects

Pipa Crash boasts visually appealing graphics, with a vibrant and colorful design that captures the essence of kite flying. The animations are smooth, creating a sense of suspense as the kite ascends and the multiplier increases. The sound effects complement the visuals well, adding to the excitement of the game. The crash of the kite is particularly impactful, delivering a dramatic conclusion to each round.

Payout Rates and RTP

The game’s RTP of 97% is above average for casino games, offering players a fair chance at earning payouts. The low-to-medium volatility suggests a balanced experience, where wins are neither too rare nor too frequent. This balance keeps the game interesting, providing players with steady action and the potential for significant winnings.

Bonus Features and Special Game Mechanics

Pipa Crash introduces unique features like autoplay and auto cash out. These automate betting and cashing out processes. This is based on pre-set multipliers. These features are especially useful for players who prefer a hands-off approach or wish to maintain a consistent betting strategy.

Compatibility with Different Devices and Platforms

The game is designed to run smoothly on a variety of devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop. It supports major browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, ensuring easy access for players regardless of their preferred technology. The game’s resolution of 16:9 is optimal for most screens, providing an immersive experience without compromising on quality.

Languages Supported

Pipa Crash is accessible to a global audience. It supports multiple languages. These include Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, and Indonesian. Also supported are Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese are available. This wide range of language options makes the game inclusive. It allows players from different regions to enjoy the game. They can play in their native language.


Pipa Crash by Caleta Gaming stands out in the casino game market. It features unique crash betting mechanics. The gameplay is engaging, with high-quality graphics and sound. The game’s simplicity is coupled with exciting, unpredictable kite flight. This offers a fresh take on traditional casino experiences. With a high RTP, it appeals to many. It’s compatible across various devices and languages. Pipa Crash attracts a broad audience. Whether you’re a seasoned casino player or new to the scene, Pipa Crash offers a flying experience that’s worth exploring.

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