Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy

Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy

The “Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy” is an innovative approach to online casino games, particularly suited for games with multipliers like crash games. It revolves around calculated betting decisions, where patience and timing are crucial. This strategy is designed for players who are comfortable with high volatility and have a clear understanding of risk management.

Concept and Mechanics

The core idea of this strategy is to place bets in a calculated manner, following a pattern based on previous game outcomes. The strategy focuses on waiting for a series of games without hitting a specific multiplier (e.g., 10x) before placing a bet. Once the threshold of games without the multiplier is reached, you start betting with a base amount. The bet amount and strategy may vary depending on whether you choose to multiply or add to their bet after each loss.

Key Components:

  1. Base Bet: The initial amount wagered.
  2. Multiplier Target: The multiplier the player aims to hit.
  3. Games to Wait: Number of games to wait before placing a bet.
  4. Bet Adjustment: Deciding whether to multiply or add to the bet amount after a loss.


  1. Observation Phase: The player observes the game rounds until the set number of games without hitting the targeted multiplier occurs.
  2. Betting Phase: After reaching the threshold, the player begins to place bets, starting with the base bet amount.
  3. Bet Adjustment: If a loss occurs, the bet amount is adjusted according to the pre-decided strategy (multiplication or addition).
  4. Cashout Strategy: The player must decide when to cash out. Ideally, this should be done before the multiplier crashes.

BC.Game Script

The script provided outlines the Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy for playing a crash-type betting game (modifications and fixes are welcome in comments).

🔗 Download Script

Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts screencast

Breakdown of this betting strategy and algorithm

Configuration and Variables Setup

  • baseBet: The initial bet amount.
  • chasingMultiplier: The target multiplier a player aims to reach before cashing out.
  • gamesToWait: The number of games a player waits before placing a bet.
  • multiplyOrAdd and multiplyOrAddValue: Determines if the bet amount increases by multiplication or addition after each loss.
  • stopCondition and stopConditionValue: Set the limits for the maximum bet or maximum negative profit allowed.
  • Internal variables like isBetting, userProfit, gamesWithoutMultiplier, etc., are declared for tracking gameplay progress.

Game Start Logic

  • When a game starts (GAME_STARTING event), the script checks if the number of games played without reaching the target multiplier (gamesWithoutMultiplier) is equal to or greater than the specified gamesToWait.
  • If the condition is met, the player places a bet with the baseBet amount and targets the chasingMultiplier.
  • The script also logs information about the current game status and upcoming betting action.

Betting Strategy

  • The script employs a strategy based on waiting for a certain number of games before betting. This is likely to avoid consecutive losses (common in crash games) and wait for a more favorable opportunity.
  • The bet amount (baseBet) is adjusted based on the outcome of each bet. It either multiplies or adds a specified value depending on the player’s choice in the multiplyOrAdd setting.
  • The script incorporates a safety mechanism using maxBet or maxNegativeProfit to prevent excessive losses.

Game End Logic

  • After each game round (GAME_ENDED event), the script evaluates whether the player won or lost.
  • If the player loses, the script adjusts the baseBet according to the chosen betting strategy (multiply or add).
  • If the player wins, the baseBet resets to its initial value.
  • The script tracks and logs the current profit or loss after each game round.

Safety and Control Mechanisms

  • The script has checks in place to stop the betting if the baseBet exceeds the maxBet limit or if the userProfit falls below the maxNegativeProfit.
  • These mechanisms are crucial to manage risk and prevent significant financial losses.

Gameplay Progression

  • The script calculates the number of games played without hitting the target multiplier and makes betting decisions based on this count.
  • This approach is rooted in the belief that after a certain number of unsuccessful rounds, the chances of hitting the target multiplier might increase.

Hypothetical Betting Example

This example illustrates how bets could evolve over multiple game rounds, following the strategy’s rules.

Game RoundGames Without MultiplierBet AmountMultiplier TargetBet OutcomeCumulative Profit/Loss
Table shows a pattern of betting, alternating between wins and losses, with adjustments to the bet amount.


  • The base bet is consistently 100.
  • The multiplier target is always 10x.
  • The strategy involves betting after every 25 games without reaching the 10x multiplier.
  • Wins and losses alternate for illustration purposes.


  • The strategy leads to an eventual recovery and profit after a series of losses.
  • It relies on the patience and timing of the player to wait for the right moment to place bets.
  • The strategy demands a sufficient balance to sustain losses until a win is achieved.


  1. Strategic Play: Encourages calculated risk-taking rather than impulsive betting.
  2. Recovery Potential: Potential to recover losses through cumulative wins.
  3. Adaptability: Can be tailored to different risk appetites and bankroll sizes.


  1. High Volatility: Not suitable for players with a low-risk tolerance.
  2. Complexity: More complex than straightforward betting, requiring careful observation and patience.


The “Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy” offers an organized approach to betting in multiplier-based casino games. While it presents an opportunity to strategically recover losses and gain profits, it requires discipline, a good understanding of the game mechanics, and effective bankroll management.

10 thoughts on “Calculated Cascade Betting Strategy”

  1. It works well for me; I’ve tailored it to suit bankroll 100k+.
    Rather than a fixed bet, I opted for a progressive one, varying with the deposit amount.

    var config = { baseBet: { value: 0.01, type: "number", label: "Base Bet (% of balance)" }, chasingMultiplier: { value: 10, type: "number", label: "Multiplier" }, gamesToWait: { value: 15, type: "number", label: "Games to wait before making a bet", }, multiplyOrAdd: { value: "multiply", type: "radio", label: "Multiply or Add", options: [ { value: "multiply", label: "Multiply by" }, { value: "add", label: "Add to bet" }, ], }, multiplyOrAddValue: { value: 2, type: "number", label: "Value for Multiply or Add", }, stopCondition: { value: "maxBet", type: "radio", label: "Stop condition", options: [ { value: "maxBet", label: "Stop if bet is more than" }, { value: "negativeProfit", label: "Stop if negative profit is more than", }, ], }, stopConditionValue: { value: 10000, type: "number", label: "Value for Stop condition", }, }; function main() { const minAmount = currency.minAmount.toString().length - 2; let balance = currency.amount; let baseBet = (balance * config.baseBet.value) / 100;`Balance: ${balance}`);`Base bet: ${baseBet}`); let multiplier = config.chasingMultiplier.value; let gamesToWait = config.gamesToWait.value; let multiplyOrAdd = config.multiplyOrAdd.value; let multiplyValue, addValue; if (multiplyOrAdd === "multiply") { multiplyValue = config.multiplyOrAddValue.value; } if (multiplyOrAdd === "add") { addValue = config.multiplyOrAddValue.value; } let stopCondition = config.stopCondition.value; let maxBet, maxNegativeProfit; if (stopCondition === "maxBet") { maxBet = config.stopConditionValue.value; } if (stopCondition === "negativeProfit") { maxNegativeProfit = config.stopConditionValue.value; } let isBetting = false; let userProfit = 0; let gamesWithoutMultiplier = gamesWithoutX(multiplier); let bettingGames = 0; let numberOfCashOuts = 0;"FIRST LAUNCH | WELCOME!"); `It has been ${gamesWithoutMultiplier} games without ${multiplier}x.` );`----------------------------`); game.on("GAME_STARTING", function () {`****************************`);`🚀 NEW GAME`);`${new Date().toString()}`);`Balance: ${balance}`);`Games without ${multiplier}x: ${gamesWithoutMultiplier}.`); `Actual profit using the script: ${userProfit}. Got ${numberOfCashOuts} times ${multiplier}x.` ); if (gamesWithoutMultiplier >= gamesToWait) { let tempBaseBet = baseBet;, multiplier); isBetting = true; let currentBet = tempBaseBet; let wantedProfit = currentBet * (multiplier - 1) + userProfit; `Betting ${currentBet} right now, looking for ${wantedProfit} total profit.` ); } else { isBetting = false; let calculatedGamesToWait = gamesToWait - gamesWithoutMultiplier; if (calculatedGamesToWait === 1) {`Betting ${baseBet} next game!`); } else { `Waiting for ${calculatedGamesToWait} more games with no ${multiplier}x` ); } } }); game.on("GAME_ENDED", function () { let gameInfos = game.history[0]; if (isBetting) { if (!gameInfos.cashedAt) { log.error("Lost..."); userProfit -= baseBet; balance -= baseBet; bettingGames++; if ( bettingGames === multiplier - 1 || (bettingGames > multiplier && (bettingGames % multiplier === 0 || bettingGames % multiplier === multiplier / 2)) ) { if (multiplyValue !== undefined) { baseBet *= multiplyValue; } if (addValue !== undefined) { baseBet += addValue; } } if (maxBet !== undefined && baseBet > maxBet) { `Script stopped. Max bet reached: ${maxBet}. Profit is: ${userProfit}.` ); game.stop(); } else if ( maxNegativeProfit !== undefined && userProfit > maxNegativeProfit ) { `Script stopped. Max negative profit reached: ${userProfit}. Next bet would have been: ${baseBet}` ); game.stop(); } } else { userProfit = userProfit + (baseBet * multiplier - baseBet); balance = balance + (baseBet * multiplier - baseBet); baseBet = (balance * config.baseBet.value) / 100; bettingGames = 0; numberOfCashOuts++; log.success(`💰 Won! Increasing base bet to ${baseBet}`);`New balance: ${balance}`);`New bet: ${baseBet}`); } } if (gameInfos.odds >= multiplier) { gamesWithoutMultiplier = 0; } else { gamesWithoutMultiplier++; }`Current profit: ${userProfit}.`);"END GAME"); }); function gamesWithoutX(x) { let gamesArray = game.history; let result = 0; for (let i = 0; i < gamesArray.length; i++) { if (gamesArray[i].odds >= x) { break; } result++; } return result; } }

    Also keep in mind, losing streaks can be lengthy – personally, I’ve seen more than 100 games go by without achieving the desired multiplier.

    1. Hello Mark, pls I have a strategy which work perfectly for it. Pls can you help to write a script for it, I have been playing it manually. Pls can you get it touch with me on [email protected], if you’re interested.

      I hope for your kind response

    2. I tried your script it says “Unexpected identifier ‘$’ “. Does it only accept dollar currency or does it meat something else

        1. Hello, I run the code, but I don’t understand what base bet means, you said percentage of stake. Did you calculated for 100k or how can someone specify his/her deposit

          1. Check the console logs, there is a lot of information there before the script starts betting. The default bet is 0.01% of your balance. Change it as you wish.

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