Stake Crash Game: Play Crash & Win on Stake Casino

Guess the number in this easy crypto casino game, Stake Crash! Play against the game with different plans to beat it and win big digital money prizes!

Stake Crash Gameplay
Game ProviderStake Originals
Return to Player (RTP)99%
Buy Bonus FeatureNO
Max Win1,000,000

Crash is a straightforward game where you choose when to take out your bet as a rocket picture moves on a screen. The number goes up until the rocket stops or ‘crashes’. If your chosen number is less than the multiplier when the rocket stops, you win a prize.

This Crash game is special to Stake and is one of the top games on their website.

How to Play Stake Crash Casino Game

Crash is a simple game based on luck that’s easy for beginners to learn.

Since it’s all about luck, winning depends on how you bet. If you bet on a low number, you might win little prizes more often. But if you bet on a high number, you might win a big prize in one go, though it’s riskier.

Here’s how it works: After each Crash round, you have 5 seconds to choose a number. This number is when you want to take your money before the rocket stops or ‘crashes’. If the rocket reaches your number without crashing, you win based on your chosen number. But if the rocket stops before it reaches your number, you lose your bet.

What’s fun about Crash Gambling is that many people can play it together at the same time. Everyone playing sees the same game. You can also see what other players are betting in real-time. Many people in the Stake Community enjoy playing this game. And with a chance to win up to 1,000,000 times your bet, it’s a cool game for beginners to try!

Betting Options for Stake Crash Game

In this Crash casino game, you can choose between two ways to bet: “Manual Bet” and “Auto Bet“.

Stake Crash Auto & Manual Bet options

With Manual Bet, you decide how much money you want to bet in one Crash game and when you’d like to collect your winnings. You can also see how much you’d earn if you win.

During the short 5-second breaks, you can use shortcut keys to bet faster. For example, pressing ‘s‘ doubles your bet, ‘a‘ cuts it in half, ‘d‘ clears it to zero, ‘spacebar‘ places your bet, and ‘q‘ lets you collect your winnings early or cancel a bet.

Stake Crash Hotkeys

For those who really know the game and want to plan out their bets, there’s Auto Bet. It lets players set rules for their bets based on how they’re doing. Like with Manual Bet, you decide how much to bet and when to collect. But, Auto Bet lets you do more like deciding how many times to bet automatically, changing your bet if you win or lose, or stopping once you’ve won or lost a certain amount.

These options make it fun and exciting for players to try their luck and increase their winnings in their Crash game.

How to Win at Stake Crash

Explore strategies on how to win at Stake Originals to enhance your gameplay and align with your betting goals, though remember, there are no guarantees in these games of chance.

Realistic Expectations in Stake Crash

Stake Crash offers the potential for massive wins, with multipliers up to 1,000,000x, akin to hitting a lottery jackpot. The record win to date involved a payout of 88 XRP from a 611,100x multiplier. While chasing records can be thrilling, it usually requires extensive play and can lead to significant losses. Aim for multipliers between 10x and 50x for more attainable and substantial wins.

Adventurous Strategy for Higher Wins

If you’re aiming higher, Stake Crash accommodates ambitious strategies with feasible multipliers of 100x, 500x, and even 2000x. Decide how far to push your luck, balancing the excitement of potentially huge multipliers with the practicality of cashing out before a crash.

Conservative Play for Extended Sessions

For those who prefer steady gameplay, a conservative strategy may be best. Start aiming for a 1.5x multiplier to build your balance gradually. Avoid targeting lower multipliers due to the inherent 1% house edge, which means every 100th round could end at 1.00x, causing all players to lose at that point. This approach minimizes risks while still offering reasonable winning opportunities.

How to Deposit and Play Crash on Crypto Casino

Want to play Crash and other games on using Bitcoin or other digital coins? It’s easy! Here are the steps to add money to your account:

  1. First, find your deposit address in Wallet > Deposit.
  2. Next, pick the type of digital coin you want to use. We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Litecoin (LTC), and many others.
  3. Then, when sending money from your digital coin wallet or exchange, use your deposit address as the place to send it.
  4. (Optional) If you only have regular money and need crypto, you can buy it for Stake through Moonpay.

If you need help, Stake’s friendly support team is here for you! Whether it’s about adding money or playing games, just ask. Want to use Moonpay? They accept many payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. Check the Moonpay guide to see all the ways you can pay in your area.

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