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In the realm of common expressions, the word ‘limbo’ often evokes one of two images for most individuals. Some recall a state of ambiguity, akin to waiting uncertainly, much like awaiting a date that never shows. For others, it conjures visions of a lively game where participants line up to shimmy under a bar without making contact with it or the floor below.

Limbo BC originals manual bet
Game ProviderBC Game Originals
Return to Player (RTP)99%
Max. Win1,000,000x
Buy Bonus FeatureNO

However, in this context, Limbo denotes a celebrated online casino game. Its essence borrows from the conventional Limbo game, focusing on the challenge of betting lower than a displayed number, effectively “remaining below the bar.”

BC.GAME proudly hosts a premier rendition of Limbo in the digital casino arena. When players initiate the game, a steadily ascending rocket comes into view. This rocket, volatile as it is, could explode at any second, showering down a cascade of riches and substantial rewards. Only the players who adeptly forecast the moment of detonation have the opportunity to claim these spoils.

Navigating the game is uncomplicated. In essence, players wager based on a number showcased on their display. Their goal? To choose a number that’s beneath the imminent one.

About Limbo at BC.GAME Casino

What is Limbo?

Coco has a rocket named Limbo. It goes up and can burst at any time. As it rises, it gives out treasures. Only those who guess when it will explode can get them.

The results of this game are entirely unpredictable and exceptionally volatile, making it impossible for anyone to anticipate the outcome. It’s much like wondering about the hue of the next automobile that’ll pass by one’s residence or guessing the final resting spot of a roulette ball. While it’s acknowledged that such a game doesn’t lend itself to established strategies, it doesn’t suggest one should depend merely on intuition.

How to Play Limbo?

  1. To secure a win in Limbo, ensure that your target payout is set lower than the eventual limbo result. This strategic move increases your chances of succeeding in the game.
  2. Players have the opportunity to aim for a grand multiplier, which can go as high as x1,000,000. Such a target brings immense potential for substantial rewards.
  3. While the game’s name might evoke imagery of a daunting place, rest assured, this is not the edge of hell. Players can confidently engage and pursue the game’s treasures without any foreboding feelings. Enjoy and try to catch up with the ever-changing dynamics of Limbo!

Pay Table and Bet Size

Limbo, in its simplicity, captivates and appeals to players of all backgrounds, whether they’re novices or seasoned gamblers, frugal or daring in their bets. For those who choose caution or for the adventurers pursuing jackpots as high as 1,000,000x or $999,921, the chances of reaping rewards grow with continued play.

The game’s betting range is broad, beginning at a mere $0.0001 and extending upwards without a limit, giving players unmatched flexibility. This vast range welcomes beginners, perhaps wishing to ease in with modest stakes. Concurrently, it draws in those high-stake enthusiasts hungry for the excitement of heftier bets.

Features of Limbo by BC Original

Players embark on the journey by placing a bet using their cryptocurrency of choice, such as Bitcoin. After setting their stake, they must determine the desired payout. The selected payout should align with or fall below the number presented on their screen to secure a victory. Nevertheless, the outcome is predominantly governed by the whims of chance and probability.

Designed with a minimalist approach, the game boasts a select number of features. Among them is the turbo bet, an option that greatly speeds up the gaming experience. For those who prioritize efficiency, Hotkeys stand as an alternative to the traditional mouse, enabling swift modifications to bet or payout values and facilitating rapid bets using pre-set keys.

Additionally, Limbo offers an auto-mode function, tailor-made for players who enjoy a more observational role. The auto bet setting can integrate with stop limits or enhance the record of successes or setbacks. Players have the flexibility to employ these limits either in tandem or independently, aligning with their chosen strategy.

Guidelines for Using the Auto Mode Feature

Limbo BC originals auto bet

On Win

Should you emerge victorious in a round, you have two subsequent betting options. You can either ‘Increase the next bet amount by a value of your choosing’ or opt to ‘Reset the bet to the original starting amount’, ensuring you have control over how you wish to proceed after a win.

On Loose

In the event of a loss, your next move also comes with two alternatives. You can decide to ‘Increase the next bet amount by a specific value you set’ or you can ‘Return to the initial betting amount’. This provides players a chance to strategize their recovery or manage their bankroll.

Stop on Win

The auto mode is designed with a safeguard for winnings. If the cumulative winnings (from the start of the game to a particular bet) reach or surpass a predetermined value you set, the automatic betting function will halt, allowing you to assess and enjoy your profits.

Stop on Loss

Similarly, to protect your funds, if the potential losses (from the game’s commencement up to the upcoming bet) are anticipated to equal or exceed a limit you define, the auto mode will pause. This built-in feature ensures that players remain within their comfort zones and limits.


How do they determine results?

  1. They use a formula that involves the clientSeed, nonce, and serverSeed to generate a hex string, like this one: 6b5124897c3c48d0e46cc9249f08c7e560792459f1bad1171224643b5d2be231.
  2. From this string, they extract a 13-digit section: 6b5124897c3c4.
  3. They then convert this section into a random number between 0 and 1.
  4. To maintain fairness, they adjust this number to ensure the house has a 1% edge.
  5. If the outcome is below 100, they round it up to 100, which means there’s a 1% chance of getting 100.
  6. They then round this number and divide it by 100. For example, 170 becomes 1.70.

To verify previous games, they require a new seed. The process might appear complex, but they designed it for transparency and fairness. It’s as though they lay all the cards out for everyone to view.


In summarizing, Limbo at BC.GAME emerges as a creative and enthralling online casino crash gambling game that masterfully blends the excitement of unpredictability with accessible features. Its nod to the conventional limbo game adds an enticing layer, with participants ardently trying to stay beneath the unpredictable forthcoming number.

The inclusion of elements such as turbo bet, hotkeys, and auto mode guarantees a streamlined, tailor-made gaming journey. As one of BC.GAME’s distinguished offerings, Limbo showcases the inventive spirit prevalent in online casino gaming, granting players the chance to immerse in the tantalizing balance of risk and reward from their own sanctuaries. It serves as both a gamble of fate, a measure of fortune, and, above all, a tempest of amusement!

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