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CricketX by SmartSoft Gaming invites spectators to a virtual stadium where the action never ceases. One is transported into an arena brimming with cheerleaders, resonant crowds, and elite athletes. CricketX offers the facility for auto-bets and the opportunity for players to place up to two bets in a single game. With its authentic cartoon design, the game encapsulates the breakneck speed inherent in crash gambling games. Beyond its visual appeal, its rapid gameplay, unpredictable rounds, and potential for rewards reaching 25,000 times the initial stake ensures nail-biting moments for all. Indeed, Smartsoft Gaming’s interpretation of the cherished sport challenges everyone to step up their game.

CricketX Getting Bets
Game ProviderSmartSoft Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)97%
Buy Bonus FeatureNO
Stakes Range$0.1 to $100
Max Win25,000 x
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CricketX Overview

Enthusiasts can delve into CricketX, a captivating online game presented by Smartsoft Gaming. Recognized as an esteemed sport in India, this version simplifies the rules, allowing participants to choose a bet ranging from 0.10 to 100 USD, with the flexibility to place up to two bets in a single game. As a robust athlete launches the ball into the cosmos, it ascends, amplifying the potential winnings. Participants have the liberty to withdraw funds at their discretion. However, the ever-present tension reminds all that even the toughest ball might succumb to pressure, jeopardizing their stake.


The stakes rise in tandem with the ball’s altitude. Success hinges on securing one’s bet before the cricket ball succumbs to the atmospheric pressure, detonating before reaching space. If a player retrieves their bet ahead of the unforeseen explosion, the winnings instantly materialize in their account. Conversely, any delay resulting in the ball’s eruption before the bet’s retrieval results in a loss.


CricketX’s essence mirrors other crash games, being both lucid and engaging. The resulting profit from each bet emanates from multiplying the initial stake by the crash multiplier. The game’s coefficient spectrum spans from a baseline of 1x, reaching an alluring pinnacle of 25,000x. A distinguishing feature is the allowance for auto bets, permitting up to two bets each round. Once activated, auto-bet and auto-collect mechanisms spring to life at every round’s onset, with the threshold for auto-collect set at 1.35x.


It’s noteworthy that players can diversify their betting strategy. While one bet might be automated, the other remains manual, and both can exhibit varied amounts. The permissible betting bracket extends from a modest $0.10 to a ceiling of $100, offering a spectrum of betting intensities.

With an RTP percentage oscillating between 96.7% and 98.8%, the pinnacle RTP is attainable when wagers are placed on the lowest coefficient, set at 1x.

Coefficient Analytics

A riveting facet of CricketX is the coefficient statistics display, nestled in the game’s left corner. Post each round, a fresh coefficient metric emerges, with hues of blue and green demarcating them. Blue signifies coefficients up to 1.5x, while green symbols those exceeding 1.5x. A community-driven dimension emerges with the bet table on the right, showcasing round stakes, individual betting chronicles, and spotlighting daily, weekly, and monthly top victories.

Multiplier Dynamics

The game’s multiplier is fluid, escalating in congruence with the ball’s trajectory. The challenge lies in the ball’s unpredictable nature, potentially collapsing without warning. The paramount strategy is to exit before this occurs. Timely exits reward players with their stake amplified by the prevailing multiplier. However, delays can result in forfeiture of the wager.

How to play CricketX

Players input their preferred wager amount in the provided space. They can choose to place either one or two bets on a single flight. The betting range spans from a minimum of 0.1 DMO to a maximum of 100.00 DMO.

To submit a bet, they click on the “Place Bet” button and then watch to see how high the ball rises. The height the ball reaches is unpredictable, ranging anywhere from 1 to infinity.

Before the ball’s ascent concludes in an explosion, players have the choice to manually collect their earnings or employ the “Auto Collect” function, specifying at which height they wish to exit the game.

Bets can be placed manually or by utilizing the “Auto Bet” and “Auto Collect” features for predefined bet amounts and multipliers. These automatic functions become available for selection at the commencement of a new round. The lowest odds for the “Auto Collect” feature stands at 1.35.

On the game panel’s left-hand side, players can view a history of odds coefficients. These odds are updated post-explosion of the ongoing round. The displayed values come in shades of green and blue. Specifically, blue represents coefficients no greater than 1.5, while green represents values exceeding 1.5.

Players have the opportunity to retract their bet only before the game initiates its loading phase. As the loading countdown gets underway, retracting a bet becomes impossible.

CricketX Strategy Insights

CricketX Burst!

Crafting a dependable strategy for CricketX poses a challenge given the unpredictable collapse time of the ball. Recognizing patterns or connections remains elusive, advising players against seeking them. A sound betting approach, however, considers one’s starting budget and the intended number of rounds. If aiming for 50 rounds to secure a sizable payout, players should either opt for minimal bets or have a substantial budget. While the allure of hefty wagers tempts many, pursuing smaller payouts tends to yield more consistent profits over time.


The game’s design emphasizes simplicity, resonating differently with various individuals. For those seeking a breather from lengthy game instructions and desiring relaxation post a taxing day, CricketX emerges as an ideal pick. Novices to the gaming realm also find CricketX beneficial, acquainting them with foundational aspects of casino games, particularly risk and reward management. In essence, the game’s unadorned nature stands as its ultimate charm.

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