Growing Payout Strategy and BC.Game Script for Crash

Growing payout strategy for crash gambling games

The Growing Payout Strategy is a dynamic betting approach used in crash gambling games. It focuses on adjusting the payout target based on the outcomes of previous games.

Betting Growing Payout Strategy and Algorithm:

  1. Dynamic Payout Targeting:
    • The strategy begins by pursuing a payout initially set at the minimum value specified in the configuration.
    • The payout target changes dynamically based on the outcomes of the games.
  2. Adjustment Mechanism:
    • After each loss, the payout target increases by 1, moving towards the maximum payout value.
    • Once the strategy reaches the maximum payout target, it shifts direction. It then reduces the payout target by 1 after each loss.
    • This pattern repeats, alternating between increasing and decreasing the payout target after losses.
  3. Reset After Win:
    • If a win occurs, the strategy resets the payout target to the minimum payout value.
  4. Profit Calculation:
    • Throughout the game, the user’s profit decreases with losses and increases with wins.

BC.Game Growing Payout Script for Crash

Explore BC.Game‘s Growing Payout Strategy for crash gambling: dynamically adjust payouts based on game outcomes, balance risks, and aim for higher rewards, but be mindful of the inherent risks and need for strategic bankroll management.

🔗 Download Script

To use a Crash game script on BC.Game, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Advanced Betting Mode: In the BC Originals Crash game, switch to “Advanced” to see different crash game scripts.
  2. Add a Script: Press the Add Script button, put in the code for the script you want to start the automated betting, give it a name and press the Save button.
  3. Run Script: Turn on the script to automatically bet and possibly increase your cryptocurrency.
Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts


  1. Flexibility in Payout Targets: The strategy is flexible, dynamically adjusting the payout targets based on recent game outcomes, potentially catering to varying risk tolerances.
  2. Potential for High Rewards: By progressively increasing the payout target after losses, there is a potential to achieve higher rewards when a win occurs.
  3. Automatic Reset Mechanism: The strategy incorporates an automatic reset to the minimum payout after a win. This feature can aid in managing overall risk and bankroll.
  4. Simple and Systematic Approach: The approach, straightforward and easy to follow, clearly outlines how to adjust the payout target.


  1. Increased Risk with Higher Targets: The risk increases with the payout target after each loss. This increase potentially leads to higher losses before a win is achieved.
  2. Dependence on Winning at Higher Payouts: The strategy relies on winning at higher payouts to compensate for losses accumulated in the increasing phase.

In summary, this strategy is about changing your win goals in a smart way to make the game more exciting. It’s great for players who like the challenge of trying to win big to make up for any losses. This method is all about managing your money well and knowing the game’s ups and downs. It’s a chance to use a good plan to try for better wins, making each game more interesting and fun. Give this strategy a go and see how it makes your betting experience even better!

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