Fibonacci Strategy in Crash Betting


The world of crash betting can be unpredictable, making strategy a crucial part of the player’s arsenal. One popular strategy that stands out is the Fibonacci Strategy. Is it merely a complex mathematical equation, or is it a realistic way to improve your odds? This guide aims to demystify the Fibonacci crash strategy, providing a comprehensive breakdown to help you decide whether this system suits your betting style.

What is the Fibonacci Strategy?

The Fibonacci Strategy stems from the famous sequence devised by Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, known popularly as Fibonacci. The sequence starts with 1 and proceeds by adding the two most recent numbers to get the next one in the sequence:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, and so on.

The Fibonacci system has been heralded by some as one of the safest betting strategies, and it’s not as complicated as it first appears.

How to Implement the Fibonacci Strategy in Crash Games

Fibonacci Betting Sequence
Fibonacci Betting Strategy

Starting the Sequence

  1. Initial Bet: Begin with a minimum bet, say $1, and set an autocash of 2X.
  2. First Loss: If you lose, you move to the second number in the Fibonacci sequence, which is also $1.

In Case of Losses

If you continue to lose, keep moving along the sequence. The new bet will always be the sum of the last two numbers in your betting sequence.

  • Lost again? Now bet $2 (1+1)
  • Lost again? Bet $3 (1+2)
  • Lost again? Bet $5 (2+3)
  • And so on…

In Case of Wins

  1. Winning Rounds: If you win at any point, move back two steps in your sequence.
  2. New Bet: Your new bet will be the number in that position.

For example, if you win at step eight with a $21 bet, you must roll back two positions in the sequence and your next bet will be $8.

Returning to Start

If you win on your first bet, you’ll start over at the beginning of the sequence.

Strategy in Practice

Let’s look at a hypothetical 10-round Magnify Man game where you use the Fibonacci system.

  • Losses: 7
  • Wins: 3
  • Profit: $12

Despite more losing rounds, you end with a profit, showcasing the system’s potential strength.

Key Differences from Martingale

While both Fibonacci and Martingale involve doubling bets after losses, the Fibonacci system’s progression is slower and you go back two steps on a win. This makes it less aggressive and potentially safer than Martingale.

Experimenting with Auto Cashout

You’re not restricted to 2X; feel free to experiment with the auto cashout feature to suit your playing style.

BC.Game Crash Game Script

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Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts

The Limitations

While the Fibonacci strategy may be one of the better systems, it doesn’t eliminate the house edge. In the long run, no betting system can assure wins. The casino advantage will eventually manifest, leading to losses over an extended period.


The Fibonacci system is an accessible and less risky approach to betting, perfect for those who prefer to start with smaller bets. It’s an encouraging strategy for players looking for a straightforward yet thoughtful way to play. Let this guide be your stepping stone into a world of strategic betting where you can enjoy the game with confidence.

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