💵 Cash It™ by Playtech

In a world where online crash gambling has taken a front seat in the entertainment industry, few games catch the adrenaline rush like Cash It™. A combination of strategy, timing, and a little bit of luck makes this game a must-try for every gaming enthusiast. Dive deep into the heart-pounding action and understand how to enhance your chances of collecting the highest win – all before the plane explodes!

Cash It™ gameplay
Game ProviderPlaytech
Return to Player (RTP)95,99%
Bonus FeatureYES
Play for freeYES
Stakes Range$0.50 to $500
Max Win5,000 x
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What’s the Objective?

In Cash It™, players are tasked with one crucial mission: to collect the highest win possible. However, there’s a catch. The plane, central to the game, can explode at any unpredictable moment. The true mastery lies in deciding when to collect your winnings before this unexpected blast ends your round.

Setting the Stage: Entering the Game

  • On reaching the entry screen, click ►.
  • If you’re an impatient gamer, the game allows you to skip this screen during subsequent plays. Simply tick “DON’T SHOW NEXT TIME”.

Mastering the Betting Mechanics

The BET button is your gateway to staking your claim:

  • Clicking it opens the BET MENU.
  • This menu allows you to determine your bet per plane launch.
  • Set your target multiplier for the Auto Collect function. Adjust your preferences using the ‘−’ or ‘+’ buttons.
  • An Auto Collect function can be your saving grace. Once your specified target multiplier is hit, the system automatically collects your prize.
  • Your chosen bet is displayed in the TOTAL BET field.

Understanding Autoplay

For those who love to automate their gameplay:

  • The BET MENU allows you to set the number of Autoplay rounds.
  • Each round will be played with the same bet and target multiplier that you’ve set.

Taking Flight: Launching the Plane

  • After finalizing your parameters, it’s time for the action. Click the LAUNCH button.
  • For recurring bets, use the REBET & LAUNCH button.

Now, as your plane soars, the multiplier and potential win increase. But remember, the plane can explode at any time, ending your round without any winnings if you haven’t collected in time.

Claiming Your Wins

Cash It™ provides you with the flexibility to collect your wins when you see fit:

  • COLLECT HALF: At any moment, secure half of your win. The plane continues its journey, offering another chance to COLLECT the rest.
  • COLLECT: Secure your total winnings at any point before the plane’s explosion. If used after COLLECT HALF, it only secures the win from the remaining half of your bet.

The Handy On-Screen Buttons

These buttons enhance your gameplay:

  • CANCEL AUTO COLLECT: Abandon the auto collect function. Can be used anytime during a round, provided the target multiplier hasn’t been achieved yet.
  • STOP AUTOPLAY: View the remaining Autoplay rounds. A click here disables the Autoplay mode.
  • SKIP: Bypass the animation to quickly view your results.

Turbo Mode and Info Pages

For the thrill-seekers:

  • Activate Turbo Mode using the TURBO button. Watch the multiplier increase at a dizzying pace.
  • Track your past performances. The screen’s top showcases the results of the last 8 rounds. Wins are in green, while losses show in red or grey.

Want to understand the game better? Access the INFO PAGE by clicking on the Tutorial icon. To navigate, simply scroll. Exiting is as simple as hitting the X.

The Exciting Golden Chip Bonus

The game offers an added layer of excitement with its Golden Chip Bonus:

  • When you have Golden Chips, a special button becomes visible.
  • Golden Chips, although thrilling, cannot be merged with real money. And only one can be used per bet.

The dynamics around the Golden Chip involve understanding its value. The value of the chip used gets subtracted from the Total Win.

Game Settings, Payouts, and RTP

Cash It™ big win

Access the game settings by clicking on the ⚙ icon. Within each round, your potential winnings can be collected before the plane’s dramatic explosion. While the potential multipliers can range from ×1.01 to ×5000, an instant explosion might yield a multiplier of ×0.00.

Worried about disruptions? Disconnections merely pause your game, which can be resumed post-connection. Past wins remain intact, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Lastly, Cash It™ boasts a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95.99%, promising players substantial opportunities to win!


Cash It™ combines strategy, intuition, and sheer luck. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller looking for a thrill, this game promises an exhilarating experience. Remember, it’s not just about soaring high; it’s about knowing when to cash out. Happy gaming!

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