JetX3: A Tri-Starship Odyssey in Crash Gaming

JetX3, made by SmartSoft Gaming, is an exciting crash game with great visuals. It has a 97% Return-To-Player (RTP) and medium risk, making it in line with other top games.

JetX 3 game screen
Game ProviderSmartSoft Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)97%
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The game is set in space. Players join a thrilling space battle where starships try to travel as far as they can before getting shot down.

JetX3 has amazing graphics. SmartSoft Gaming has paid a lot of attention to details, from the look of the launch pad on a lonely planet to the beautiful explosions and space scenes.

SmartSoft Gaming might not be very famous yet, but they’re ambitious. JetX3 is their entry into the Crash game world, a favorite among online players. While many Crash gambling games seem similar, JetX3 offers something different and refreshing.

JetX3 Overview

JetX3, presented by a renowned gaming platform, focuses on three starships journeying into space. This distinct approach contrasts with traditional crash games. Rather than the customary rising graph where penalties are incurred when it drops, players only face a loss when the jets are obliterated. Hence, the art of successful wagering is to collect before these aerial vehicles meet their fiery end.

Offering an impressive RTP of 97%, JetX3 furnishes participants with a promising probability of victory. The ultimate reward can reach up to 2,000 times the stake. The gaming platform enhances user experience by integrating an “Auto on” function and allowing adjustments to the “Collect” multiplier with intuitive buttons.

Technologically, JetX3 harnesses the capabilities of HTML5, ensuring adaptability across a wide array of mobile devicesβ€”ranging from Androids and iPhones to other modern smartphones. With only a dependable internet connection, users can access the game via their device’s browser. Its adaptive design assures fluidity across different screen dimensions.

Betting Specifics

jetx3 betting specific

In JetX3, gamers have the flexibility to lodge between one to three bets before each session commences. The bet amount varies from a conservative $0.1, stretching up to a robust $100. To secure the coveted 2,000 times bet reward, players require a blend of luck and substantial wagering. Opting for the maximum bet propels one closer to this lucrative prize.

This version of JetX showcases a marked evolution from its predecessor. It features three spaceships that ascend vertically as opposed to a diagonal trajectory. Despite this twist, the core gameplay remains: as the crafts rise, so do the linked multipliers. The challenge lies in acting swiftly to activate the cashout before a spaceship’s detonation. Players can choose to wager on one, two, or all three vessels at the game’s onset and even line up bets for the subsequent rounds as the current one unfolds.

The payout is contingent on the multiplier shown at the moment of cashout activation, combined with the bet’s magnitude. Some users might find the multiplier’s petite print slightly taxing, but such perceptions are subjective. The game also offers an ‘All In’ feature for maximum bets and an auto-wager mechanism to facilitate repetitive stakes.

JetX3 Features

JetX3, developed by SmartSoft Gaming, adheres to the conventional Crash game structure but incorporates a unique variation. While standard Crash games typically permit up to two bets per round, JetX3 provides the opportunity for three simultaneous wagers. Additionally, rather than concentrating on a singular entity as in most Crash offerings, JetX3 introduces the option of betting on distinct fighter jets. Thus, even if one jet meets an untimely end, players can still harbor hopes for the remaining two.

Furthermore, JetX3 has seamlessly integrated essential autoplay and multiplayer functionalities. Among the collection of Crash games, JetX3 stands out as one where the autoplay feature is particularly advantageous. Tracking three jets can sometimes be daunting, and allowing one of them to operate autonomously can reduce the stress.


Here, players aren’t limited to controlling a lone spaceship. Instead, they guide three crafts in a vertical ascent. The core gameplay remains consistent, with each spaceship climbing higher and the corresponding multipliers surging.

The primary goal remains to activate the cashout function before any spaceship meets its demise, ensuring winnings are safeguarded. The final winnings are contingent upon the multiplier visible at the time of cashout, factored with the initial wager.

Chat Functionality

JetX3 differentiates itself further by facilitating an unparalleled multiplayer encounter. Unlike traditional games where players are merely cognizant of fellow participants, JetX3’s chat feature fosters active dialogue between players, creating a communal space where experiences are exchanged in real-time.

Insightful Statistics

For those curious about fellow players’ endeavors, the “Statistics” tab offers a comprehensive snapshot. It details bets, odds, and earnings, complete with a leaderboard that ranks from the highest achievers downwards. By delving into these metrics, players can juxtapose their progress with their peers.

Personal Bet Tracker

By accessing this tab, players can receive a granular breakdown of their gameplay, capturing the nuances of each bet, game duration, successful multipliers, and ensuing victories. This analytical tool aids in understanding individual performance and tracking progress over time.

Participant Overview

For an encompassing view of all active players in a specific round, this section is invaluable. It reveals each player’s wagers, the precise multipliers they settled for, and the earnings of that particular round. This real-time feed offers a window into the strategies and outcomes of contemporaries.

Autonomous Play Mode

JetX3 ensures that players are catered to, irrespective of their playstyle preference. Whether one enjoys manual engagement or automated gameplay, choices abound. Activating the “Auto on” mode kickstarts the automated feature, and from there, wagers can be allocated to jets, and a predefined “Collect” multiplier can be selected for auto-cashout.


SmartSoft Gaming’s JetX3 offers an intriguing crash game experience, distinguishing itself with the unique provision of three betting chances. The game’s detailed graphics and smooth animations create an immersive environment for enthusiasts. Although it doesn’t feature prominent bonus elements, JetX3 more than makes up for it with its commendable 97% RTP and exhilarating gameplay dynamics. Furthermore, the addition of an interactive chat functionality amplifies the overall player engagement.

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